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I am a healer, a life coach, an artist and a soul-centered multidimensional therapist. Who is helping with the ability to be able to detect and recognise your emotional and mental blocks in conscious and unconscious mind. And, if it's necessary, in the body as well! For 13 years now I have been working on and studying the mind- and a soul symbiosis of the physical self. My talent is to be able to recognize and detect what you normally hide from yourself (from your conscious mind) as a defense mechanism, because you can't deal with it, can't see it, don't have time, or don't know how to deal with your emotional self (thoughts and feelings)! So, basically, I can find what is the exact problem in your subconscious, what makes you behave the way you can not explain. Or can help you find a behavior pattern you would like to detect or recognize, so you can change it in a favor of moving forward.

Basically, if you would like to be able to do something, but its just not happening, what ever you do, or can not do it, because of your fear (what ever you afraid of), I can help you find the mental, emotional or physical block to heal it, so you can move on with your life and create your perfect happiness, health and harmony!

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The Healing Process

We go into meditation, ...or not! It depends on the personal level of consciousness, or some might call it personal level of awareness, and I guide you through your conscious and unconscious mind to find the energetic block or an outdated belief system (if that is the case), what ever makes you unhappy, ill, or just blocking you from your goal to reach in your life.
Not just on the surface! But on the cellular level, by the healing of the DNA! So, you become free from the problem for good! Because of the seriousness of the process, and my experience and understanding of the healing method, I have an amazing nonjudgmental attitude towards the given information I get about people at that moment and through the process! This helps me alienate my thoughts and feelings so I can absolutely become separated from the situation, and monitor and guide you through your healing. The energetic blocks or outdated information can show themselves, and they become changeable by healing, or reprogrammed into higher vibrational information, on a cellular level! Which means, with the right help, a person can be thought to heal themselves from anything they put they minds to, and willing to put the right amount of effort and energy into it!

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My multidimensional healing techniques can help you with any dissonance in mind, body, and soul. Like: depression, anxiety, the loss of self-confidence -we can talk about loss of self-confidence even if you are normally very confident in real life, but have some things, dreams what you again and again drawn towards it, but can't complete it, because of life, time, kids, or seemingly unknown reasons in your life prevents you from doing so!


Just want to get on with your life, find solutions, reach goals, become a better person, thrive in your career and in everyday life! And you prefer to do it through soul cantered approach, because you know, by choosing that you deal with it once and for all!

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In reality, we can cure everything, we want to fix in ourselves.
Remember, we are healing from a cellular lever, so the only barrier we have to dissolve is the healing preventive believe system we possess or an energetic block from past experiences that haven't been processed or understood maybe because of the painfulness of the past situations. We rather put it in the back of our minds. And instead of resolving, we keep letting it fall back and letting it disappear into our unconscious mind. Which means, it can come back and haunt us, whenever it wants, again and again. Could cause very uncomfortable situations in which we don't seem to have a control over, making us behave in ways we can not explain to ourselves. We can get a control over this, or any other unexplained, repetitive behavior pattern! We can actually discover your emotional chart, so it becomes understood and healed forever! Imagine! You could understand, and heal yourself, through your thoughts and feelings. You could heal your behavior patterns, and your body as well! My methods are diverse and vary. Depending on your momentary capability of intake and consciousness! Created by my 20 years of competency-based teaching methods and understanding humanity with a soul cantered approach. I am passionate about my calling, I love the process, and the ability to be able to use my gifts for the right course!


Thank you, Lili Adrienne Kincses.

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